Cotspring Insecticide 1 Litre Insect Control

Cotspring Insecticide  1 Litre Insect Control


An insect-pest control liquid excellent and quick acting insecticides for control on cottons and vegetables.

Dosage for Field use: Consult the pesticide expert OR see product label

Method of Application and Equipment for Use: Based on an expert advice or on the label specification

Step 1: The measured quantity of the formulation is diluted with little water and stirred well

Step 2: You add the required quantity of water as per spray volume required

Step 3: Stir well with a stick to form a ready to use spray. Use appropriate Knapsack Sprayer for spray

Important Caution Before, During and After Use

Handling: This product should be handled with care and must not be allowed to come in direct contact with foodstuff and animal feed. Also, take preventive measures urgently to avoid poisoning or pollution

Storage: This product must be stored and secured is a safe room or premises that is well built, dry, well-lit and ventilated

Post Spraying: 1) After use, wash hands and contaminated parts of the body properly with soap and clean sprayers thoroughly with water after completion of work 2) Keep all unprotected persons out of treated areas for 48 hours, do not contaminate ponds or streams 3) After use of container, dispose off in a safe manner, so as to prevent environmental or water pollution 4) Used containers should not be left outside for their re-use, they should be broken and buried away from inhabitants.

Actions to take in times of Emergency (Fist Aid)

Eye: If in contact with the eye, wash immediately with excessive amount of water. Continue washing by cleansing with normal saline or phosphate buffer solution. This should last and continue until the eye feels comfortable

Skin: If in contact with the skin, immediately remove the clothes and wash contaminated areas thoroughly with soap and plenty of water. Send for a physician and if condition is serious, move patient to nearest hospitals.

Mouth: If ingested, carry out gastric lavage with care to prevent aspiration. Attention should be given to maintain respiratory, cardiovascular and renal function. In case of allergic symptoms administer Antihistamines

Special Advice: 1) Stored in cool, dark and dry place  2) Has a shelf Life of 3 yrs in original unopened container


1 Container= 1000ml (1Litre)

Disclaimer: The distributor guarantees the quality of this product. However, we do not have control over the mixing and usage of this product; therefore, no guarantee is given and no liability is accepted for any unsatisfactory effect, injury or damage arising from use of this product

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