Returns Policy

What is my Buyer’s protection?

  • If you book an order which is still been processed, you have the right to call our customer service on 08091113224 or email: before the order is dispatched. If your orders have not been dispatched, you are entitled to a full refund if you call or email us before a dispatch notification is made.
  • If you book an order which has already been dispatched, you can still call us or email us; however, you will be charged for the cost of delivery whether it arrived or not to your office premises. During Delivery, You are required to inspect the product and sign off the delivery item.  After a dispatch has been delivered successfully you have 24 hours window to cancel a delivery if you have a change of mind by either calling our customer service on 08091113224 or emailing: which only applies to non-Pharmaceutical products.  After which, no refund will be made in case of a return. If you call or email us within the window period of 24hrs, the product must be returned to our office intact as delivered within 48 hours after the delivered date and inspection done by us before a full or partial refund will be made minus the initial delivery cost.


Please note that pharmaceutical products and medications do not qualify for a return or refund due to the fragility and sensitivity of the product and storage requirements. Therefore, you are expected to inspect it with the dispatch rider and sign off the receipt as satisfactory.

  • In cases where you wish to reject or cancel a pharmaceutical product or medication ordered after the dispatch rider had left, you will not be entitled to any refund and we would not accept the return of the delivery.The only window obtainable for Pharmaceutical products and medication is a window period open as long as the dispatch is still around to return the item intact while a refund is processed of which the delivery cost will be deducted from the total amount paid by the customer.
  • In cases whereby a damage is done to an item during delivery, evidence must be provided (e.g. pictures) at the point off delivery as a claim to prove that this was done by the dispatch rider or packaging team. In cases, where evidence cannot be provided, you forfeit the right to such claim, as a result, you will bear the cost of the damages.NB: All product delivered to customers are handled with utmost care and where necessary appropriate labels placed.
  • In cases where proper evidence e.g. relevant pictures are provided as a proof to the Dispatcher, we will bear the cost of the damage and process your refund intact minus the initial delivery cost (if required) within 7 working days.
  • In cases, where we have to make a refund after a successful return of a damaged item by a customer (aside pharmaceutical product and medications), we would deduct the cost of damage and initial delivery cost from the original amount paid by the customer before a refund of the amount left is made to the customer.