General Household

General Household

D4Dpharma General Household include tangible and movable personal property placed in the living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, family rooms, bedrooms for use within the home

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Cotspring Insecticide 1 Litre Insect Control

OverviewAn insect-pest control liquid excellent and quick acting insecticides for control on cotton..

Ex Tax: ₦2,000.00

LDC Light Duty Concentrate 1 Litre

OverviewLDC is a mild, and very versatile household cleaner available, yet a very effective light d..

Ex Tax: ₦8,560.00

Super 10 Fragrance 1Litre

OverviewSuper 10 is your choice for the toughest cleaning jobs. A multipurpose concentrate that doe..

Ex Tax: ₦7,280.00