Watch Dog
What is D4D Watchdog?

To Police product brought off our website with aim of improving the standard and quality of products brought off our website.

What product problems are to be reported to D4D Watchdog?
  1. Suspected Fake product (after having verified using product authentication): This could range from Pharmaceuticals, Dentals, OTC or food products
  2. Sub-standard product (after usage): This could be medical devices, Laboratory equipment etc.
  3. Expired product: This is probably product which on arriving to your delivery happen to have expired. This is rare in most cases but can’t be written off. NB: This report must be done with convincing evidence as false complaint won’t be honoured.  
  4. Tampered packaging: This should be reported for edible or other products that has a loose packaging which could pose a danger to the user or authenticity of the product. NB: This report must be done with convincing evidence as false complaint won’t be honoured.
Benefits of D4D watch reporting?

To make sure only genuine product get to the African market especially Nigeria.

What D4Dwatch does with the information it collates?

To get data for research on consumers and client observations on products purchased online from us with aim of improving product quality and standard for the Nigerian and African Market.

What happens when a problem is reported?
  • Step 1: Verify the complaints to make sure this product was genuinely brought from us
  • Step 2: Consult our professional team to educate us more on the circumstance that could have arose
  • Step 3: Report to the merchant (source of product) or government agencies on our finding so they could take action
  • Step 4: We will our discretion to determine if this product is still suitable for sale on our website.
What are the Data Privacy Issues?

We very much appreciate genuine customer complaint. However, every complaint is treated with utmost confidentiality except in cases where a fraudulent report is made after making our investigations and findings. After a case is treated, complaint is stored in our secured server and also could be used to guide and other help our company, customers and others (e.g. government, universities) on how best to treat this and for research purpose. For more information on data privacy issues, See our privacy policy.


Step 1: Stop using the product (Prescription or OTC medicines, cosmetics, food & beverages, biologics, medical devices, diagnostics, chemicals, etc) whenever a reaction (bad side effects, new or worsening symptoms, severity) or any other problem (bad smell, color change, signs of contamination, foreign materials in the product, other quality problems, defects/malfunctions, product use error, suspected faking, poor packaging/incomplete package information, problems after a switch from one manufacturer to another) is noticed after using a product;

Step 2: Contact a healthcare provider like your pharmacist or doctor after noticing such reaction or related problem, as D4Dwatch does not provide medical advice;

Step 3: Report the problem to D4D Watchdog. See the form below;  

Complete an electronic Voluntary D4D Watch form (report) online to report a problem. Important data to be captured include the name or initials of the patient or client (including age and sex, ethnicity/race, address, phone, email), type of problem, description of the problem/event/product use error including dates noticed, brand or generic name (and strength, lot number, expiry date, product codes or identification marks on labels or container) of the (suspected) product and the manufacturer (including date it was started and stopped if medicine), name and address/contact phone number/email of reporter for follow up email or call, severity of the problem (death, hospitalization, disability, life-threats, other serious (adverse) problems), and any treatments received in cases of reactions. Clients should also be asked if product is still available for evaluation and assessment.